One of my goals for 2014 is to continue doing serious work, conducting market research using classic market research principles and to make my living by providing value to my industry and to my clients by focusing on my own constant quality improvement and providing unbiased, independent and objective market research as a base for the true visionaries of this industry. 

Another goal is to continue giving back to this industry — solar — that has given me so much in return for my efforts. So, here’s to more solar in 2014, positive margins for all, new start up activity — globally — accurate reporting of costs, less aggressive pricing, high quality, more DG solar on schools and in communities — globally, more investment in off grid solar for developing regions of the world and industrialized regions, a focus on energy efficiency and an understanding that conservation and sacrifice are not synonymous– the real sacrifice is the damage we are doing to our environment. For my community of solar professionals and for everyone who wants a future of cleaner air and energy independence — Happy Holidays and a wonderful 2014.