These data are from August 2001. Currently Residential system prices average $4.00/Wp are only possible with module prices that are too low.  PV c-Si and TF technologies need to make a margin sufficient to continue innovating.  Recovery is crucial.

Labor is a variable and tends upward in cost (if you want qualified labor) and is typically not something a system integrator/developer can control.  Unfortunately, permitting is also a variable (region by region, US state by US state). 

Innovations in BoS, System design and installation and crucially, standardization of permitting and other soft costs are necessary. 





PV   system cost, per installed kWp

$4,500   (after 50% California state rebate)

Financed   as a first mortgage

7%   over 30 years – $359.98/year, or $29.99/month

Property   tax on actual value ($9,000)

1.1%   – $99/year, or $8.25/month

Federal   and state   tax brackets

31%,   9.3%

State   income tax, property tax deducted from federal income tax

$118/year,   or $9.83/month

Net   cost per installed kW

340.98/year,   or $28.41/month

Per   kWp installed (Northern California to   Southern California)   approximately 130 to 150 kWh per kWp installed

@   4.3 kWh/day/kWp Northern California –

$28.41/130     = 22¢/kWh; @ 5.0 kWh/day/kWp Southern California – $28.41/150 =   19¢/kWh