Now available on Amazon the first book in the Scott Roth Series.

“Full moon, golden night, just the gentle sound of traffic heading somewhere, often nowhere good, sometimes just nowhere. Then. A dull thud and crunching, a sound like blood and bones cracking, and something awful happening that won’t be forgotten, and will change everything. A sound that left no time for regret or remembering, and reduced everything that is soft about the night to a sound that was like no other sound; maybe just a flat tire, maybe something else.”

After midnight on a hot August Southern California night, former homicide detective Scott Roth answers his phone and learns that his best friend had been killed in a hit and run accident.

Roth had been a good cop. In the beginning, the bodies of the victims and the living who still loved them didn’t haunt him. He was dogged in his pursuit of those responsible. With the guilty, he was a raptor.

That is until his wife died.

Following his wife’s death murder victims and their surviving loved ones crowded around him. The effort to beat back the pleading in their eyes was exhausting. He’d been marking time seeming satisfied but really, waiting.

His best friend’s death bound him to the hunt again where Roth finds himself not only on the trail of the person responsible but locked in a life and death struggle with evil.