The grid-connected photovoltaic industry has starkly divided itself into the multi-megawatt (utility scale) applications with installations that are removed from the load and rates are set by bid, distributed generation residential and commercial systems (roof and ground) visible to the populations that are served, and off grid installations, in specific, remote habitation and remote industrial. Multi-megawatt (utility scale) installations effectively commoditize the electricity sold and it is very hard to climb back up that slippery slope, it is difficult to feel a personal attachment to a commodity. DG (distributed generation) residential and commercial installations, near the load and either owned or leased involve the community in its energy present and future and are typically not commodities. Unfortunately, the residential lease and power selling (PPA) business models are contributing to the commoditization of photovoltaic systems by removing the need for the end user, on whose house the PV system is installed, to participate in, understand and be responsible for the electricity generating equipment on their roof. Off grid installation also involve the served communities and are not commodities.