Blast from the Past: The Global Solar Industry in 1994

Look how far we’ve come …

1994 global shipments: 61-MWp

Shipment leaders:

Siemens Solar, 21% share 12.6-MWp in shipments

Solarex, 13% share, 8.1-MWp in shipments

BP Solar, 10% share, 6-MWp in shipments

Kyocera, 7% share, 5.3-MWp in shipments

Sanyo, 6% share, 3.8-MWp in shipments

Manufacturer Revenues in 1994: $445-million

US: 40% share of global shipments

ROW (Rest of the World): 15% share of global shipments

Europe: 24% share of global shipments

Japan: 21% share of global shipments

Crystalline:  86% share of global shipments

Thin Films: 14% share of global shipments

Cumulative shipments all years including 1994: 444.9-MWp

Cell (including thin film) capacity in 1994:  99-MWp, capacity utilization 62%

Total demand in Latin America: 4-MWp

Total demand in the US: 14-MWp

Total Demand in Canada: 600-kWp

Total Demand in Europe: 15.6-MWp

Total Demand in the Middle East/North Africa: 3.2-MWp

Total Demand in Central and Southern Africa: 3.4-MWp

Total Demand in India: 7.9-MWp

Total Demand in other West Asia Countries (aside from India): 600-kWp

Total Demand in Japan: 5.6-MWp

Total Demand in China: 1-MWp

Total demand in South Korea/Taiwan: 300-kWp

Total demand in Southeast Asia: 1.8-MWp

Total demand in Oceania: 3-MWp