As an industry we spend significant time and effort and rare $ fighting to keep incentives, all of which are developed by Governments with little understanding of the true costs of developing and deploying solar, and few of which actually help develop a healthy, thriving industry.  The push/pull environment of these incentives (all of which are designed to time out) has increased the flight or fight response among industry participants and stakeholders, a cycle that is very hard to break out of.

 What we need is public education (the system on your neighbors roof feeds electricity into the grid for EVERYONE), strong net metering that helps us move into a 70% renewable generation future, a carbon tax, a near term requirement for utilities to upgrade transmission and that calls for more use of RE, and an end to direct and indirect subsidies for fossil fuels as well as rewards for conservation. 

Right size the energy demand and allow the true price of energy to be revealed and PV (as well as other RE) is immediately competitive.