MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, April 23, 2013 (Press Release) — Since 1974, over 90-Gigawatts of photovoltaic cells and modules have been shipped, on track to ship 300-Gigawatts by 2016.  SPV Market Research, a solar market research firm, and Strategies Unlimited, a leading technology market research firm,  have released the annual report, Manufacturer Shipments, Capacity and Pricing 2012/2013.  Cell and module shipments for crystalline and thin film technologies increased by 10% in 2012 over 2011, while capacity to manufacture technology increased by 4% under the combined effects of idled capacity, cancelled plans and company failures.  Cell and module revenues decreased in 2012 over 2011 by 37%.  Average selling prices for modules decreased by 43% in 2012, from $1.37/Wp in 2011 to $0.78/Wp in 2012, with prices for inventory re-sales averaging $0.60/Wp.

“High levels of inventory, over capacity and expectations of lower prices continue to hold prices down into 2013, though there is some evidence that price declines have stalled at least temporarily,” said report author Paula Mints, SPV Market Research. “The pricing situation is complicated and is effected by many factors, including continued aggressive pricing.  We are seeing a broadening of the market into Latin America and North Africa, along with continued demand despite lower incentive rates and political upheaval in some countries.”

Manufacturer Shipments, Capacity and Pricing 2012/2013 provides an in depth analysis of the supply side of the photovoltaic market by region, manufacturer and technology as well as a technology forecast to 2017 for crystalline and thin film technologies.  “Despite failures of thin film manufactures due to the highly competitive pricing environment, development continues for thin films,” said report author Paula Mints.  “The industry consolidation is certainly not complete nor is the struggle to identify business models that would support a return to profitability for manufacturers.”

For more information on report availability and pricing please contact Tim Carli, Sales Manager, at +1 650 946-3163 (voice) or e-mail at, Paula Mints at, or check the Strategies Unlimited web site