Paula Mints is the Founder and Chief Market Research Analyst of Solar PV Market Research.  SPV operates in partnership with Strategies Unlimited to bring high quality solar market research products to its clients.  Ms. Mints began her solar market research career in 1998 with Strategies Unlimited.  In 2005 she left Strategies Unlimited for Navigant where she continued her practice until October 2012, when she founded SPV Market Research.

Ms. Mints provides classic market research products based on primary research and focused on the supply and demand sides of the solar industry and its technologies.  She publishes often with Renewable Energy World and Renewable Energy Focus.  Recently her chapter, Overview of Photovoltaic Production, Markets and Perspectives, was published in the Fraunhofer/Elsevier book Advances in Photovoltaics Volume 1, edited by Dr. Gerhard Willeke and Dr. Eicke Weber. In 2012, Ms. Mints spoke at several conferences, including the IEEE PVSC and EU PVSEC, where she presented her work on photovoltaic technology pricing.  She is currently working on a book for Artech House titled Future Photovoltaic Technology Development and Market Direction.


In 2013, Ms. Mints firm, SPV Market Research, and Strategies Unlimited will publish several reports on the global solar industry, its markets and technologies.